Saturday, February 23, 2013

nail art, my way to relax.

A while back I briefly mentioned my nail art hobby, but haven't mentioned it or posted photos since. Now that I am in Korea I'm having a bit of a difficult time finding polishes that aren't too clumpy, and the lack of Seche Vite in the area has slowed me down. Luckily, I had a friend visit from the states recently and he brought over a replacement for the bottle of SV I had just finished, and I went to work on my nails! I know a lot of my friends judge me, or think it's crazy that I spend so much time on my nails but I see it as anything but a waste of time. I mean, it does take me anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to achieve the perfect look I want, but how is that different from wasting time on facebook or youtube? for me, painting my nails is a stress reliever and I look forward to the relaxing time I can spend  not thinking about anything except what color I want my nails to be! usually when I paint my nails I'm either listening to music, playing a movie or tv show in the background, and it's that sacred 'me time' I'm often in need of after a crazy day at work, or a busy weekend out in the city. I'm still nowhere near to being a very good nail artist, but for my purposes, I get the job done. Here are a few designs I've done since moving to Seoul. (p.s. I've decided that the next best thing to China Glaze or Essie can be found at Etude House). 

as of this post, the polish I'm currently wearing is the one with the flowers, and polkadots :)

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  1. Girl those look amazing! I really love the pink and light tan with dots^^