Sunday, April 8, 2012


Spring is here! actually, it's feeling more like "sprummer" lately with temperatures ranging in the high 80's! makes me wonder how brutal summer will be. As of late, I've developed a new hobby of painting my nails! I have racked up quite the collection of polishes, and I love browsing the net for new ideas. Last night I pulled out my favorite spring-ish colors and went to town putting little "easter eggs" all over my nails. I'm far from being a professional nail artist, but being as how I'm doing it for my own entertainment, I think I'm quite alright :)
Spring is my second favorite season (first favorite is Autumn, due to my favorite color being orange & favorite holiday being Halloween), I love seeing all of the pretty flowers start to bloom! my neighbors probably think I'm strange because I keep going outside and taking pictures of the flowers & trees, but I just can't let their beauty go unnoticed! I mentioned in my previous post that I am interested in teaching abroad through a program called EPIK, and I've got an update on that. I submitted my initial application with two letters of recommendation last Sunday, and a couple of days later I received an email stating that I had made it on to the interview process! My interview is scheduled for tomorrow evening, and if all goes well, I'll be asked to resubmit my application with additional government issued documents and go from there. There are probably a few thousand applicants and only 400 positions available so getting an interview in and of itself is pretty great. I hope it goes well! 

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