Thursday, July 12, 2012


Since my last EPIK update I have: received contract and notice of appointment, applied for Korean visa, received said visa, gave notice at my current job, and booked a one way ticket to Seoul. This entire process was quite long, and daunting at times, but now it's all pretty much over! All I have left is to complete the online pre-orientation, pack, and get on that 14 hour flight. People keep asking me if I'm nervous or scared, and to be honest, I am not. I mean, that is not to say that I won't be, but I have a little more than a month to go, so panicking now is unnecessary so I'll save it for the week leading up to departure ;)

For reference later on, or for anybody else reading who may be interested in applying to EPIK, below is a timeline of events as far as gathering documents and hearing any news (give or take a day or two).

- Stumbled upon EPIK Facebook page, began poking around and decided I wanted to appy

2- Submitted request for FBI check

-Requested letters of recommendation
-Requested copy of university transcripts

Early March
-Got university degree notarized
-Enrolled in TEFL course
-Received college transcripts

Late march:
-Received letters of recommendation

2- submitted application
4- FBI check received
5- Received email stating I had made it onto interview stage
10- Interviewed via Skype
12- Received email stating interview passed
13- FBI check & diploma sent to get apostilled
24- Apostilled documents received
26- Final documents sent to EPIK Seoul office via Fed-Ex
29- Documents received by EPIK

3- Documents approved by EPIK coordinator
10- TEFL course completed
24- TEFL certificate received & emailed to EPIK coordinator

1-Received email stating placement made
27-Contract and notice of appointment shipped from Seoul
29- Contract and notice of appointment received
30- Visa application mailed to Korean consulate in Houston, TX

3- Visa application arrived at Korean consulate
5- Visa approved and mailed to me
9- Visa received
12- Booked one way flight to Seoul
30-*EDIT* Completed online pre-orientation course

12-Deadline I've given myself to complete the online pre-orientation course *
19-Depart the U.S.A.
20- Arrive in Seoul, take bus to orientation location
21- First day of orientation

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  1. Nice timeline! It looks like it took about 10 days from when you sent your visa application to when you received it back?