Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An introduction of sorts

Hello! I've had several blogs before and they have all failed due mostly to the fact that I could just never remember my username or password. So, in an attempt to be more organized, and a better social network-er(?) I've decided to start fresh and use the same handle/username as much as possible, whenever possible. So with that, has been born. I have two goals for this blog:
1. Keep family, friends, and whomever else interested updated on my whereabouts, and random ramblings.
2. Keep a record for myself to be able to look back on and reflect on my past experiences and thoughts.

I'm 23 years old now, I have graduated college, and gotten the job of my dreams.

One of those three previous statements is a lie. I'm currently not at my dream job, actually, two years out of college and I have yet to land a job in which my  degree can be applied. Although this situation upsets me and causes me some stress, I will continue to push forward and find a way to come out on top on whatever it is life has in store for me.

I've recently decided to apply for a teaching position in South Korea through EPIK (English Program In Korea). If accepted I would sign a one year contract and teach English to Korean speakers. The entire process is quite long and takes a lot of preparation of documents and certifications, but if accepted, the reward would be unbelievable. Living in a foreign country, taking in new sights and simply being in a different atmosphere I think would help give me a better perspective on life and help guide me on towards my next career step.

I think I've written enough for the first post, until next time daisy says: connect  with me through other sites!