Friday, December 19, 2014

28 months

It's snowing!!!! It's so pretty but only when I'm inside. I really dislike walking in snow or afterwards when it's slick ice or slushy. 

It's Christmas next week but it definitely doesn't feel like it. My entire family is gathering at my grandparents house this year, even an uncle who has been away for twenty years will be there. The fact that I will be missing such an important family reunion has me feeling sad and homesick. I have to keep reminding myself that next year, hopefully next year I can spend the holidays with my family again. 

In school I'm currently preparing for winter camp. It's not easy, mostly because I have few ideas, and second because I can't focus at work. After teaching there is no heater and it's much too cold in my office. 

This is my last post of 2014.. I'm amazed at how quickly this year went by. I can remember last new Christmas and New Years very well so it seems like it was recent. I'm scared of time.