Tuesday, October 22, 2013

14 month update

Phew! I almost forgot to do this one- honestly I think I could have very easily gotten away with skipping this month as nothing exciting happened, but I know myself and skipping just one month will be the start of a series of many missed months so even though there isn't much to say, I'll update anyways ;-).

My main co teacher is still out on maternity leave, and me and the substitute teacher are trekking along. We get along really well, but I also miss my Co-teacher; can't they both work at my school? Sixth graders are troublesome. I'm really concerned about their English level for when they start middle school next term, but it seems nothing I do can get them motivated to participate in class. Fifth graders are still a dream, and I actually have a pretty big open class with them first thing tomorrow. I was told this will play a big part in whether I can renew my contract or not. Honestly, I haven't really put much thought into renewing, but I want to do a good job either way so I can at least have that option. Fourth graders.. they are a mess (but the good kind of mess) they're terribly cute, but also terribly chatty.

As for my personal life, I've started having less crazy weekend nights out and more chill movie nights with friends. I think first year was dedicated to exploring, trying out everything, but now that I'm more settled most of the time I just really prefer to stay in my area and have a relaxed time.

So, that's month 14 in a nutshell! winter is just around the corner and I have a feeling I'll have even less to write about once I start hibernating in my house.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jeju Island in pictures

Korea is really spoiling me with all of these holidays recently. First was 5 days of vacation for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) in which I jetted off to Beijing, and most recently came a four day weekend in which I decided to hop on a short flight and explore Korea's famous Jeju Island. It is the #1 honeymoon destination for Korean couples, and often referred to as "Korea's Hawaii". Although I traveled around the island with friends rather than a significant other, I still really enjoyed my time there. The island has a very laid back feel, which was a nice break after months of the hustle and bustle of city life in Seoul.

Here are a few pictures from my most recent trip- October 2-October 6, 2013.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Beijing in pictures

Here are some pictures of my recent trip to Beijing, China (September 17-September 22, 2013)

Great Wall of China, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. 
3 hour hike through the Great Wall

Snack Street in Beijing- live critters

True, real, Chinese food is amazing; we feasted every meal

Tianemen Square

Inside the Forbidden City

Chinese family

Temple near the Forbidden City 
Kids will be kids no matter where you are

National Stadium (Birds Nest) inside Beijing's Olympic Park