Tuesday, August 18, 2015

36 months

i just came back from vacationing in vietnam. i visited hanoi, hoi an, and accomplished my dream of visiting halong bay which wrapped up my SEA wishlist which i wrote three years ago prior to arriving in korea! i can't believe i completed it, and was able to even add on extra countries. it was only a short time but i think vietnam has been one of my favorite countries to visit during my time in asia. it was terribly hot, but the food was delicious, and the pace of life reminded me of life back in guatemala. i'm now back in korea where i have a week to move out of my apartment, and then i'll stick around for an extra week to tour a bit more of korea and seoul. i'm not sure how i'm feeling, i'm ready to go but nervous about future employment. fingers crossed. the next time i write a post i will be back in the usa. maybe i'll have more to say then. i can't believe i actually kept this up for the whole three years. i wish i had been more detailed, instead of lazy posts once a month and just writing random incoherent thoughts.

Ps just realized that exactly three years ago I landed in Korea. 

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