Monday, August 19, 2013

12 month update

One year ago I sold or gave away pretty much all of my belongings, packed up two suitcases and set off to the other side of the world to teach English! Deciding to quit my comfortable job, and saying goodbye to everything and everyone that was familiar to me was the craziest, and bravest thing I've ever done. Even though not a day passes in which I don't think of the home and people I left behind, I can't imagine my life now without the people I've met since arriving in Korea. People whom were not even in my life a year ago, are now the people I talk to everyday, and the people whom I've grown to think of as my family. I've signed on for a second year at my school, and I think this will be my final year, but I also didn't plan on staying longer than one year so it will be interesting to find out what exactly happens when this contract ends.

In less than a month's time I will be celebrating my twenty-fifth birthday, and while I'm probably not at the place (career and personal) where SOCIETY things I should be, I know in my heart that I'm definitely where I, MYSELF want to be.

Living abroad for the past twelve months has changed me in ways I wasn't even aware of, until people started pointing them out to me. No matter for how long you do it, living abroad is something I think everyone should experience.

Monday, August 12, 2013

EPIK Renewal Process

I started my original contract with EPIK/SMOE in august of 2012, and although each school/district is different, below is an estimated rundown of the renewal process for me. If you're interested in applying with EPIK, or already working here and curious about how it will work, hopefully this will serve as a guide. I also have a timeline of dates during the application process, if you're still in that stage.

Late August 2012 contract began

Mid May 2013 had open class for school administration

Late May 2013 school administration gave OK for my renewal. Was asked if I wanted to stay or go, and fill out a form indicating my decision.

Mid June 2013- Signed new contract

Late June/Early July completed required health check to be picked up within five days.

Mid July 2013- Extended ARC card/Visa

Everything in order for me to stay in Korea for a second year has been taken care of!

Friday, August 9, 2013

K-Performance Digitalbook Ap

In it's continued efforts to provide great service to tourists, the Korean Tourism Organization has launched a K-Performance Digital guidebook application for it's most popular shows! The application is still in it's beginning stages, and the KTO needs people to download and review it so that changes to make it as efficient as possible can be made. You can download the app for FREE from the following places: