Monday, September 21, 2015

Back home!

I officially moved out of my EPiK provided apartment on August 24, traveled to Busan and then hung out in Seoul a few more days and left Korea on September 4, 2015. I didn't tell my family ahead of time so they were surprised when I showed up at their front door. 

The last few days in Seoul I thought I was making a mistake by leaving and I was sure I would be miserable once back in the USA, surprisingly it hasn't been entirely that way. I do have moments where I miss my life back in Korea but overall I haven't really struggled with Korea homesickness. I just got back from a week long Roadtrip through Texas with my friends from university so that probably helped a lot with keeping me distracted and not thinking about what I left behind. My full time job now is being unemployed but job searching. Fingers crossed something comes up soon. 

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